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Volume 1(3)July 2016

A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/ Referred International Journal of Education

Published By: Council of Research & Sustainable Development, India
Frequency: January/ April/ July/ October





  1. Over Nutrition and Associated Factors among Women of Reproductive Age Group in Jigjiga Town Somali, National Regional State Eastern Ethiopia

    Hussein Mahamoud Tahir, GudinaEgata and MelakeDemena     Pg.1-11

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  2. Monitoring the Infestation and Damage level of Onion thrips, Thrips tabaci on Onion Crop in Aligarh (U.P.)

    Neetu Singh and Virendra Kumar     Pg.12-19

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  3. A new species of genus Ashmeadiella cockerell (Hymeniptra: Apoidea: Megachilidae) from India

    Virendra Kumar     Pg.20-22

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  4. Thermal Regime in Tropical Wetlands of Northern India: A Case of Limnological Study of Aligarh Region

    Syeed A. Untoo, M.D. Gagloo and S. Sarvar     Pg.23-28

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