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About the journal


ANNALS OF NATURAL SCIENCES (E-ISSN 2455-677X) is the official organ of Council of Research & Sustainable Development. The Journal is a Double Blind Reviewed, Open Access, Online and International journal of Natural Sciences and all relevant areas. The scope of journal is therefore necessarily broad to cover recent discoveries in structural and functional principles of the subjects. It encourages and provides a forum for the publication of research work in different fields of above subjects. The Journal is to contribute towards developing and disseminating of knowledge through publishing original research, review papers and short communications in the various fields of above areas. Manuscripts must contain significant new findings and must not have been published elsewhere nor be simultaneously under consideration for any other publication outlet.

Aim & Scope

Annals of Natural Sciences is an independent, online, open access, reviewed, non-profit journal that publishes reviews, research articles and letters within 4 months of receiving the final reviewed manuscript. Manuscripts submitted to the chief editor are first reviewed by journal's editorial board and, if necessary, by outside experts. All articles will be subject to thorough, critical, objective and fair review by the Editors. Authors must adhere to the format described in Instruction to Authors' section, lest the manuscript has to be rejected. The Editorial board reserves the right to reject any manuscript.


Annals of Natural Sciences publishes selected original research articles in all branches of Natural Sciences and related fields. Along with Original Research articles it also encourages the Short Communication of current interest and Review Articles for publication. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must be original, and not submitted for publication anywhere else.


Annals of Natural Sciences encourage submissions from all authors throughout the world. A manuscript is judged by two or more experts solely on the basis of its contribution of original data, ideas and its presentation. The following kinds of articles will be considered for publication: editorials, research articles, review articles, brief reports, letters to Editors, and book reviews. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published, accepted for publication or be under consideration elsewhere.

Article Withdraw Policy
You can withdraw your paper within 7 days of submission of manuscript. After 7 days there is no withdraw policy.
Publication Time
Within 4 months after acceptance of manuscript.
Publication Ethics

Submitted manuscripts must not be published or considered or communicated for publication elsewhere.

The sources of data used in the development of the manuscript must be acknowledged properly.

For any mistake in paper after online publication and gallery proof the author/s will be held responsible.

Scientific data and information has not been copied from the other published articles. So all manuscripts will be checked by

    Plagiarism Scanner Software and more than 15% plagiarism will not be accepted.


Reviewer's Ethics

At least 2 reviewers are solicited to evaluate a manuscript.

That  all  manuscripts  are reviewed  in  fairness  based on the  intellectual  content of  the paper  regardless  of gender, race,

     ethnicity, religion, citizenry or political values of author(s).

During the review process editor and author will be communicated to each other.

All information regarding to the manuscript is kept confidential during review process.

If the manuscript do not found suitable for publication, then the paper will be rejected and the reason for the rejection will be

     communicated to the author.


Editor's Ethics

The Editorial Board takes responsibility for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts based on the reviewer's

     evaluation of the manuscript.

That  all  manuscripts  are  evaluated  in  fairness  based on  the  intellectual  content of  the paper regardless of gender, race,

     ethnicity, religion, citizenry nor political values of authors.

That information pertaining manuscripts are kept confidential.


For further detail please contact to:

Dr. Mahesh Chandra

(Managing Trustee)

Council of Research & Sustainable Development

Contact No. +91- 941 029 2371






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