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Volume 3(4) Dec.2017

A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/ Referred International Journal of Education

Published By: Council of Research & Sustainable Development, India
Frequency: March/ June/ Sept/ December


UGC Listed Journal, Sr.No. 43794



  1. A Comparative Study of Foraging Habits of Indian Peafowl in District Bharatpur

    Ashok Mittal, Sangeeta Chaturvedi1 and Rajeev Sharma     Pg.1-6

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  2. A Checklist of the Birds of Yavatmal, Maharashtra, Central India

    Praveen Joshi     Pg.7-16

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  3. Studies on Protein Profile in Gill of Channa punctatus under Stress of Cypermethrin

    Shivani Dubey and K.K. Gaur     Pg.17-23

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  4. Morpho-Physiological Changes in Major Carps in River Asan, Murena

    A.K. Deshpande     Pg.24-29

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  5. Impact of Sunlight and Soil pH on the Seed Germination of Different Plants in Bundelkhand Region

    Bhagyalaxmi Sengar, Ranjana Chauhan and U.N. Singh     Pg.30-31

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  6. Effect of 2, 4-D on Blood Serum Proteins and Albumin of Channa punctatus (Bloch.)

    Ranjana Chauhan and Bhagyalaxmi Sengar     Pg.32-34

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  7. Assessment of Calcium and Magnesium in Chambal River at Dholpur District

    Pratap Singh Tiwari   Pg. 35-37

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  8. Screening the Effect of Antibiotics on Bacteria Isolated from Burn Wound Infection

    R. Senthil Kumar, C. Dhivyabharathi and K. Mahalakshmi     Pg.38-41

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  9. An Overview of Various Methods of Preparation of Green Nanoparticles and their Therapeutic Applications

    Neelam Yadav     Pg.42-47

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  10. Assessment of Modulatory Effect of Antioxidants on Cell Shape and Size in Albino Rat after Combined Exposure of SO2 and NO2

    Rajeshwer Guleria and Asha Agarwal     Pg.48-53

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  11. Histological Changes in Fresh Water Fishes after Parasitic Protozoan Infection in River Asan, District Murena

    Manisha Deshpande     Pg.54-59

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  12. Light-Trap Catch of European Corn-borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.) in Connection with the Sunspot Numbers in Hungary between Years 1959-2006

    Laszlo Nowinszky, Janos Puskas and Miklos Kiss     Pg.60-64

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  13. Hydrological Behavior of the Lower Course of the Lachung River Basin, North Sikkim

    Monalisha Mili     Pg.65-74

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  14. Radon Concentration in Natural Water of Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka State

    M.S. Chandrashekara     Pg.75-81

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  15. Impact of Bagasse Ash Amended Soil on Growth and Yield of Vignamungo

    Gaurav Bhushan and Santosh Kumar Sharma     Pg.82-90

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  16. Studies on Physiological Changes in Catla catla in Chambal River at Dholpur District
    Pratap Singh Tiwari  Pg. 91-93

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  18. MHD Convective Flow of Viscous Fluid through a Porous Medium Bounded by an Oscillating Porous Plate in SLIP Flow Regime with Mass Transfer

    Ram Kishan Dwivedi and N.K. Varshney  Pg. 94-103

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  20. Identification of Polyalcohols from Periodate Oxidised Water Soluble Seeds Polysaccharide of Erythrina indica Lam. Plant by Smith Degradation Method
    Ravi Prakash and R.B. Singh  Pg. 104-108  

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  22. Bamboo Based Agro-Forestry Models in India and its Potential for Land Restoration in Uttar Pradesh

    Vivek Srivastava, Richa Singh, Charan Jeet Singh, Santosh Kumar Sharma, Nisha Tripathi and Anshul Chandra  Pg. 109-117

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  23. Habitat Preference of Indian Langur (Presbytis entellus) at Goverdhan, Mathura
    Devendra Kumar Upadhyay and Ajay Capoor 118-123

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  25. 222Rn and 220Rn in the Indoor Environment and Work Places

    M.S.A. Khan 124-129

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  26. Molecular Characterization and Expression of Arsenic Resistant E. coli Strain in Yamuna and Hindon River
    Dharmendra Kumar  130-137
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  27. Study of Ground water quality at Aligarh District
    Meera Singh  138-140
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  28. Wind Power: The Technical and Institutional Option for Future
    Manju Giri 141-144
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  29. Acoustic and Viscous Study of Aromatic Amine with Organic Solvent (Methanol)
    Mahendra Singh and M.K. Sharma 145-147

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  30. Some Artificial Food Preservative and Their Hazardous Effects on Human Health: A Review

    Ashok Kumar Kakodia  148-156

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