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Volume 2(4) Dec.2016

A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/ Referred International Journal of Education

Published By: Council of Research & Sustainable Development, India
Frequency: March/ June/ Sept/ December


  1. Effect of Growth Hormones on Production of Antibiotic Substance by Streptomyces Species

    K.K. Singh     Pg.1-5

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  2. Study of External Morphological Characteristics of Head Region of Bombyx Mori

    Geeta Saxena, R.K. Verma and H.N. Sharma     Pg.6-10

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  3. Toxicity Studies in Three Indian Major Carps under Stress of Parathion

    Lalit Pathak, R.S. Saxena and H.N. Sharma     Pg.11-16

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  4. Histological Changes in Brain of Channa punctatus (Bloch.) due to Sugarmill Effluent Toxicity

    SumanPrakash, Ajay Capoor1 and H.N. Sharma     Pg.17-21

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  5. Limnological Assessment of Keetham Lake at Soor-Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in Agra

    Vishwakant     Pg.22-27

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  6. Stochastic Analysis of a Two Unit Warm Standby System with Preventive Maintenance
    Pravendra Singh Chahar and Shyam Veer Singh 28-34

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  7. Studies on Phytoplankton and Zooplankton in Chambal River at Dholpur District
    Pratap Singh Tiwari and R.K. Verma 35-39
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  8. Limnological Study of River Yamuna Distt. Etawah (U.P.), India

    Anil Kumar   40-43

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  9. Thermodynamic and Acoustical Parameters of Calcium Iodide with Acetone, n-Propanol, n-Butanol

    Mahendra Singh and M.K. Sharma    44-47

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