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Volume 2(2) June.2016

A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/ Referred International Journal of Education

Published By: Council of Research & Sustainable Development, India
Frequency: March/ June/ Sept/ December


  1. Observations about the Infestation and Abundance of Thrips, Thysanoptera: Thripidae on the Crop of Onion, Allium cepa in Aligarh Region (U.P.)

    Virendra Kumar and Neetu Singh     Pg.1-2

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  2. Initiatives to Involve Local Public in Vulture Conservation Endeavors in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh

    Sonika Kushwaha and J.P. Rawat     Pg.3-15

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  3. Light-Trap Catch of the Fluvial Trichoptera Species in Connection With the Air- and Water Temperature

    J. Puskas, L. Nowinszky and O. Kiss     Pg.16-23

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  4. Growth and Yield Patterns in Chickpea cv. P-391 Grown under Fly Ash Stress in Root-Knot Nematode and Root-Nodule Bacterial Presence

    Navneet Sharma and Dinesh Kumar Singh     Pg.24-29

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  5. Analysis of Antibacterial Activity of C. procera and C. gigentia Species Against S. aureus Using Chromatogrphy Separated Extracts

    Navdeep Ranjan, Sushil Kumar Singh and Shivendra Singh     Pg.30-33

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  6. Studies on Protein and Lipid Contents in Piscean Pseudophyllidean Cestode senga Sp. Parasitic in Mastascembelus armatus

    Sanjay Shamrao Nanware, Sumayya Nibraz and Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure     Pg.34-38

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  7. Biological Control of Anthracnose Disease of Chilli (Capsicum annum L.) by Streptomyces Species

    K.K. Singh     Pg.39-41

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