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Volume 2(1) March.2016

A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/ Referred International Journal of Education

Published By: Council of Research & Sustainable Development, India
Frequency: March/ June/ Sept/ December


  1. Evaluation of the Earth Surface: A Remote Sensing Perspective

    Mohammad Suhail     Pg.1-9

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  2. Incidence of Fusarium Species in Aerospora of Fruit and Vegetable Market at Agra and Their Mycotoxigenic Potential

    Ajay Garg, Ratika Singh and Surendra Singh     Pg.10-13

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  3. Stress and Scarcity of Water Resources in the Drought-prone Areas of Jalgaon District in Maharashtra State: A Geographical Perspective

    N.A. Patil and D.S. Suryawanshi     Pg.14-25

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  4. Patterns and Implications of Rural-Urban Migration in the Uttarakhand Himalaya, India

    Vishwambhar Prasad Sati     Pg.26-37

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  5. Spectrum of Helminth Parasites in Freshwater Fish Wallago attu Bleeker, 1851 with Special Reference to Population Dyanamics

    Sanjay Shamrao Nanware, Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure and Vikram Satwarao Deshmukh     Pg.38-45

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  6. Diversity and Distribution Patterns of Cestode Parasites of Freshwater Fishes from Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State, India

    Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure, Sanjay Shamrao Nanware, V.S.Deshmukh and M.U.Barshe     Pg.46-49

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  7. Physico-chemical standardization and to evaluate chemical attributes of different tea and coffee for quality assurance

    Preeti Sharma, Ishrat Alim and Sarita Shrivastava     Pg.50-61

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  8. Concepts of Solar Power: Status in India with Special Reference to Assam

    Neha Rani Kumar and Kandagatla Sravan Kumar     Pg.62-67

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  9. Modifying Effect of  β  -Carotene against Radiation Stress in Intestinal Crypt Cells Injury

    Preeti Srivastava     Pg.68-64

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  10. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel Benzopyridazines Derivatives

    Vadana Dwivedi and Vinita Gupta     Pg.75-78

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  11. Teachers Role in Water Conservation: A Study

    N. Samuel Babu and Ishrath Unnisa Begum     Pg.79-83

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