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  1. Impact of Co-Education on Disciplined Behavior of Students: AStudy

    Paras Jain     Pg.1-3

    Download here

  2. The Role of Female Representatives in Rural Development: A Study

    Krishan Pratap Singh and S.V. Pande     Pg.4-8

    Download here

  3. A New Historicist Approach to Faiz’s Revolutionary and Patriotic Poetry: A Study

    Rubab Raza and Anser Mehmood     Pg.9-14

    Download here

  4. Water Resources and their Utilization for Irrigation in Agra District

    Bharat Kumar and Nelia L. David     Pg.15-22

    Download here

  5. Vitality and Variety of Female Persona in Shakespeare’s Comedy the Merchant of Venice

    Vijay Pratap Singh1 and Hem Prakash     Pg.23-29

    Download here

  6. Education of the Lepchas: With Special Reference to Night Schools in West Bengal

    Nil Ratan Roy and Prerna R. Lepcha     Pg.30-37

    Download here

  7. Micropolitics of Educational Access and Quality: Reflections from the Interactional Patterns in Rural Schooling

    Pradeep Ramavath Jayanaik     Pg.38-47

    Download here

  8. A Comprehensive Study on Influence of Ancient, Medieval and Pre Independence Education on Modern Education

    Anjali Vaid and Vandana Sharma     Pg.48-54

    Download here

  9. A Study of Study Habits among 11th Grade Learners in Relation to Their Academic Achievemet

    Archana Yadav     Pg.55-60

    Download here

  10. Impact of Innovation on Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

    Amina Waheed, Natalia Siddique, Nadia Mansha, Namra Ali, Faiza Khushi, Sehar Javed and Bilal Aziz     Pg.61-70

    Download here

  11. A Profile of Academic Self–Regulation of Secondary Schools

    Lubna J. Mansuri     Pg.71-77

    Download here

  12. A Study on the Satisfaction of Head Masters/Principals with reference to the Impact of Privatisation on Quality Dimensions of secondary Education

    Harihar Sarangi and Debanta Dadhibaman Panda     Pg.78-82

    Download here